Multi-agency training offer

Welcome to the Training section of the Slough Safeguarding Partnership Website. We aim to provide a range of multi–agency training for managers and practitioners that support delivery of the priorities identified by the Slough Strategic Leaders Group and the Slough Safeguarding Learning and Development Forum. The training supports recent research and reviews (SPR’s, SAR’s and DHR’s) both nationally and locally.

This partnership training builds on the agency specific in-house training that is provided by all agencies. It provides practitioners with essential skills in partnership working to safeguard children and vulnerable adults using agreed multi agency competencies.

These multi agency competencies do not replace agency specific competencies necessary for practitioners to function effectively in specific roles. Practitioners must therefore attend in-house agency specific training and have a basic understanding of safeguarding at a minimum foundation level before attending multi agency events.

Click here for our multi-agency training offer. 

We aim to keep courses free of charge for partner agencies and are grateful to the various agencies contributing their time and skills to this training. We do need however to implement a fine of £100 for non attendance as detailed in the training offer. Early booking is recommended as courses are always oversubscribed.

We are implementing a new booking system for 2021 where you will be able to register your details once and then book a number of courses. You will then be able to access your own personal log of your training. To register to access courses, please go to the Login section.

To book your training, please go to the How to book section.

If you have any queries about booking, e-mail

If you want to discuss your training needs and which course is appropriate, contact our training and development manager,

Please click to check which Agency Code relates to you, you will need to choose an Agency code when you register. Once you have registered your record will store your Agency code for you. View our (Slough Borough Council) data protection policy here.


Title Occurences  
Core Groups in Children’s Safeguarding 2 in 1 locations View & Book
Exploitation of Children, Young People and Vulnerable adults 1 in 1 locations View & Book
Multi Agency Risk Tool for Adults who do not access services (MART) 1 in 1 locations View & Book