April 2024 – December 2024


Welcome to Slough Safeguarding Partnership training offer for April 2024 – December 2024. This offer has been developed based on the Training Needs analysis that was conducted by the Safeguarding Partnership Learning & Development Forum in January 2024

 We recognise the huge pressures on practitioners working to safeguard children and adults at risk, as well as keeping our communities safe. This means every hour of training is precious and we strive to make it the best that it can be.  

 The partnership will prioritise the face to face “Working Together to Manage Risk in Multi Agency Environments” course.  This course will be the key “working together” course for both the adult and children’s workforce.  It will be supported by the 7 specialist safeguarding modules that will be delivered virtually.

 All the virtual modules are 2 hours long with 15 minutes for feedback and take place via Microsoft Teams. Course sizes are restricted to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible learning environment for all attendees and all attendees are expected to have their camera on during the training. The virtual modules are intended to support practitioners who need to “refresh” or develop their safeguarding training.

 What training do I need?

The training offer is entirely about multi-agency working and as such is all targeted at Level 3 of the safeguarding competencies.

 We do not provide in-house or single agency training and we do not repeat the training delivered in-house. Whatever sector you work in, you should have attended your in-house safeguarding introductory training before taking up any of the multi-agency training in this offer.  

 You need to have a good understanding of the role of your agency and your professional role in safeguarding in order to acquire the partnership competencies you need.  We believe in individuals taking responsibility for their own learning, in discussion with their line management. 

 For colleagues looking to fulfil their responsibility for Level 3 children’s safeguarding, simply choose the modules that are most appropriate for your learning needs to provide you with your 8 hours CPD. 


All virtual face to face training will be evaluated immediately and then several months later to establish impact. Certificates will be issued only to participants who have completed evaluations and remained for the whole of the training.


Please note that numbers for each course are strictly restricted to ensure quality interactions and group work. Non attendance which is not notified to us 7 days prior to the course will incur a fee of £100.  We will however accept replacements up to 24 hours before the course.

 If practitioners are unable to attend due to an emergency on the day of the course, Maryam Mahmood should be contacted on 07835 138837 or at the earliest opportunity.


Several agencies contribute their time and skills to this training and this is highly valued by all those involved. We are still offering training In 2024/25 free of charge to people who work in the public and voluntary sectors in Slough, and are represented on the Safeguarding Partnership.


Practitioners will need to register via the Slough Safeguarding Partnership website. Click on Register link (top right) Please remember to keep a note of login details and password.  Practitioners will also be able to access certificates and a record of the courses attended via the website.

For any booking or certificate queries, please email

 To discuss training needs please email

 In all communications, please ensure you reference your event, using the name and date of the course, so we can deal with your queries as quickly as we can.

 Development of the Offer

The offer will continue to evolve through time whilst permanent arrangement are made, they are therefore subject to change.  The up-to-date version will always be available on the Safeguarding Partnership website.



Title Occurences  
Children’s Child Protection Case Conferences - Practice development - (Level 3 intercollegiate guidance) 0 in 0 locations View & Book
Coercive Control Awareness - 2 hours CPD. (Level 3 intercollegiate guidance.) 1 in 1 locations View & Book
Core Groups in Children’s Safeguarding - Practice Development – Level 3 intercollegiate guidance (2 hours CPD) 1 in 1 locations View & Book
Difficult conversations regarding neglect in children’s safeguarding, including the use of the thresholds and toolkit. 1 in 1 locations View & Book
Exploitation of Children and Vulnerable Adults - Practice Development - Level 3 intercollegiate guidance (2 hours CPD) 0 in 0 locations View & Book
Multi agency Risk Framework and Tool for Adults and Transitions (MART) - Practice Development –- Level 3 intercollegiate guidance (2 hours CPD) 0 in 0 locations View & Book
Self Neglect and risky behaviour in Adults 1 in 1 locations View & Book
Working Together to Manage Risk in a Multi-agency environment 1 in 1 locations View & Book