Slough Safeguarding Children Partnership

Published Safeguarding Practice Reviews including Practice notes

Child - John (March 2021)

Below links to the Safeguarding Practice Review, action plan and briefing note.

 Safeguarding Practice Review Report (Child John)

Safeguarding Practice Review Action Plan (Child John)

Safeguarding Practice Review Briefing Note (Child John)

Practice Note regarding epistaxis and bone healing (September 2021) 

The following practice note was shared after a Rapid Review identified learning prior to the full SPR process.  

Practice note regarding epistaxis and bone healing

General Practice note (January 2022)

The Learning and Development Forum considered the difference in effective communication and efficient information sharing in local Safeguarding Practice Reviews and Safeguarding Adult Reviews. This important distinction was highlighted in a number of reviews and it is important that all practitioners and managers are aware and understand the need for Effective communication, not just Efficient information sharing. 

The full Practice note can be found below.

Efficient Information Sharing is not the same as effective communication

Case Briefing Note (March 2022)

A link to the briefing note for four children is below

Briefing note - four children