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Exploitation: Are you uncomfortable or even scared about a relationship?

Relationship, friendships, boyfriends, girlfriends are all part of life and are meant to make you feel valued and respected. They are not meant to make you feel frightened or abused.

No body should be forced to do sexual acts or other crimes such as taking or carrying drugs.

Relationships can start off really great, but then you start to feel uncomfortable or even scared sometimes Grooming line describes this. Get help if this is happening to you. Check out the website below for the latest information to help you or your friends if you think this may be happening to you or someone you know.Call The Children's Trust 01753 875362 and tell them you have read this and you are worried that this might be happening to you.

Report to CEOP if you are worried about grooming, sexual abuse or exploitation, at

CEOP has produced four short films packed with information and where to get help. 

Film 1 - 

Film 2 - 

Film 3 -

Film 4 -

If you are in a relationship and are worried about it; check this link


Trafficking is moving people from one place to another in order to exploit them. It is sometimes called modern slavery.  Children are trafficked for sex, benefit fraud, forced marriage, forced labour on farms, in factories and even in people's homes. Sometimes this is about taking groups of young people to parties to abuse and exploit them and rewarding them with money, gifts and alcohol. Young people  can be forced into criminal activities such as begging, transporting drugs, and street theft.  You can read real life stories of children who have been trafficked on the NSPCC website.

There are organisations that specifically support children and young people that have been a victim of trafficking, like ECPAT UK.  You can call ECPAT Youth Programme on 020 7607 2136 or e-mail .